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Ice skating blade mounting instructions

17 Dec

It is utmost important to follow the Ice skating blade mounting instructions or have a professional technician to install your ice skating blades.

Step by step for the Ice skating blade mounting instructions:

1. The length of the blade should be heel to toe with a minimum length of 1/4″ less than heel to toe of the boot.

2. Pencil mark the center point of the boot on the heel and tip of the sole. This must be done by eye. Do not necessarily use the toe seam, as occasionally in lasting, the toe seam may be pulled slightly to one side. These pencil marks will be used as reference points when mounting the blade on the boot.

3. Place the front plate on the front tip of the sole. If the blade is shorter than heel to toe (#1 above) the 1/4″ extra boot length should be at the heel and not the toe.

4. Using the pencil reference points, center the blade runner with the heel reference pencil point and attach one heel screw. If the blade has slotted mounting holes (most do), use the “flat faced” long screw in that hole. This will allow for slight adjustment later.

5. Place the toe of the blade directly central over your pencil mark reference point and move the blade slightly to the inside (approximately half the blade width). Insert a flat faced short screw into the slot opposite corner from #4 above.

6. Check the skating blade for straightness and proper position. If correct, insert a flat faced short screw in the opposite slot of the front plate.

7. Check again for straightness. If all is correct, insert another flat faced long screw in the remaining slot of the heel plate.

8. Your temporary mount is now complete. Carefully test the skates for final approval.

9. Make any necessary minor adjustments, then make a permanent mount.

10. At this point, carefully remove one screw at a time. Using a drop of clear epoxy glue in the holes, re-insert the screws and tighten. Be careful not to move the blade.

11. The permanent mount consists of adding the remaining screws with the exception of the one countersunk screw in the toe and heel.

12. The unused toe and heel screws are used as a starting point if another blade change is elected at a later date.

13. You may use all of the screws. However, the two unused screws can aid in replacement and mounting of a different blade in the future.

Follow these Ice skating blade mounting instructions and you will enjoy your new ice skating blades.

Ice skating blade mounting instructions

Ice skating blade mounting instructions 2