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Skating Blade maintenance

17 Dec

Skating Blade Maintenance is as important as that of your skating boots, the condition of your blade edges are a key factor in your skating performance. Skating blade guards should be worn as soon as skaters leave the ice. This avoids scraping and chipping the skating blades chrome, which leaves the steel underneath vulnerable to corrosion and causing moisture.

After every session skaters should remove blade guards, wipe the skating blade dry and then use blankets. This protects the skating boots and skating blades during storage and absorbs any condensation that occurs as all returns to room temperature. You also may consider applying a suitable oil repellant fluid to the blades and leave them out to air dry.

Finally, to experience the best performance, have your blades sharpened regularly by a trained technician.

Skating Blade Maintenance

Skating Blade maintenance is very important in-order to perform at your best and to ensure longevity of your skating blades.