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18 Dec

The K-Pick® is a special design at the tow pick to enhance toe jumps. This is a unique design and is offered on MK and John Wilson ice skating blades. The K-Pick® gives the skater a greater control for precision take-offs, extra stability, increased confidence, and reduces the risk of injury. K-Pick® skating blades help figure skaters with jumps. The blade gives skaters confidence and a better grip into the ice as they launch into toe jumps such as toe loops, flips, and lutzes. Only toe jumps are improved by using the K-Pick® blade; edge jumps (waltz jumps, loops, salchows, and axels) will not be affected by using K-Pick® blades. Some skaters and coaches claim that there is a significant difference in the spring of a jump when a figure skater uses K-Pick® blades.


K-Pick 1



  • Jumps can be entered with more speed when K-Pick blades are used.
  • The toe pick bites into the ice easily with the K-Pick® blade.
  • Some skaters say their jumps are higher when they use K-Pick® blades.
  • Some ice skaters become more confident when they skate in K-Pick® blades.


  • There is no guarantee that K-Pick blades will work for every skater.
  • Edge jumps will not improve by the use of K-Pick® blades.
  • K-Pick® blade technology is available on almost all models of MK and John Wilson blades.
  • Invented by the late Pieter Kollen, who was a prominent figure skating coach and skater.
  • K-Pick® blades were introduced in 1999.
  • Skaters from the Indiana/World Skating Academy tested K-Pick® blades before they were released to the general public.
  • K-Pick® blades have a distinctive pick pattern.


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The late Pieter Kollen, who was a figure skating coach and the skating director at Indiana/World Skating Academy in Indianapolis, developed a revolutionary figure skating blade, called the K-Pick®.

Some ice skaters and figure skating coaches say that the K-Pick® blade does improve toe jumps. Some skaters say that their skates grip the ice better by using the K-Pick® blade. Others claim that they have better control of their skating and that the take-off of jumps is more precise by using this blade.

Figure skaters of all ages and abilities say that they have gained confidence by skating on K-Pick® blades. The risk of slipping as a skater picks and launches into a jump is reduced by using K-Pick® blades. Some figure skaters say that their jumps are higher when they skate in K-Pick® blades.

It is not essential that every figure skater purchasing or skating on a K-Pick® blade will benefit, but using the K-Pick® blade technology may help some ice skaters develop confidence and assurance.