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revolution parabolic skating blades

16 Dec

Have you tried the revolution parabolic skating blades from MK or John Wilson? Figure skaters skating on a professional level or at an advanced stage will highly benefit from the revolution parabolic skating blades.

Utilizing and incorporating the most advanced technology has created the lightest figure skating blades in the world. Feel the difference as you will skate lighter, faster and jump higher as ever before.  The carbon fiber technology enables you to do so, these ultra light skating blades will furthermore have you skate with a much higher control compare to your traditional skating blades. Through utilizing the innovative parabolic blade into the revolution design you shave off even more weight and therefore dramatically improve both, your footwork and edge jumps. At your first step on the ice you will feel the parabolic difference and be amazed on how the revolution parabolic skating blades deliver a sharper, more accurate turns, faster take offs on your jumps and a more precise and controllable landing.

Benefits of the parabolic edges are that skaters and ice dancers of any level will see a drastic improvement. You’ll be more centered on the blade, increasing stability for improved footwork and edge jumps. The Parabolic blade will also improve your Salchow, Loop and Axel jumps, providing faster take-offs and more precise landings.

Now combine both and you have an incredible revolution parabolic skating blade that can take you to the next level.


John Wilson offers the following:

Pattern 99 revolution parabolic

Gold Seal revolution parabolic


MK (Mitchel & King) offers the following:

Gold Star revolution parabolic

Phantom revolution parabolic


Any revolution parabolic skating blades are available in either grey or black finish, they are not an inventory item and may take several weeks to manufacture. Please keep this in mind as you are getting ready for the next season, make sure you order your revolution parabolic skating blades several weeks before you need them.