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Karina Johnson figure skater

14 Dec

Karina Johnson, figure skater for Denmark just secured her 4th Danish Champion Title.

Personal information Karina Johnson:

Date of birth;                    05/01/1991 in California

Height;                                 5 ft 10 in

Coach;                                  Kent Johnson, Jane Johnson

Choreographer;               Kent Johnson, Judy Blumberg

Skating Club;                      Hvidovre Skojte Klub (Denmark)

Karina Johnson started skating at age 5 in California and currently is calling the Kendall Ice arena in Miami, FL her home. She just secured her 4th title in a row to become the Danish champion. Karina will represent her country at the European and World figure skating championships as she did in previous years.

Karina Johnson skates on John Wilson Pattern 99 Revolution blades, we wish you the very best of luck for the upcoming season.