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Flying Sit Spin

27 Dec

This flying sit spin is a free skating element where a jump is combined with a spin. The flying sit spin is taken off from a forward outside edge with about one or one and a half revolution in the air into a sitting position, landed on the same foot and concluded by a sit spin. We describe the jump taken off of the left foot. The run-in for the flying sit spin can be performed as a right backward inside curve from which we strike the take- off curve left forward outside similarly as we strike the a roach curve for a spin. The take-off leg for the flying sit spin must be well bent at the knee. The left arm and shoulder in forward , right backward and the free leg after the thrust is extended backwards. At the take-off for the flying sit spin the skating leg straightens strongly at the knee, the free leg make a wide rotational swing round the body into a horizontal position and the arms swing up into an open position.

The take-off edge for the flying sit spin is shorter and more curved than in case of an Axel jump because the skater must make a centering movement such as in a spin, transforming a part of the running momentum into push-off and spinning momentum. The take-off leg for the flying sit spin is quickly drawn up towards the free leg bending strongly at the knee. At the highest point of the jump the skater assumes the same carriage as in a sit spin. While descending the take-off leg for the flying sit spin again quickly extends downwards, preparing for the landing. At the landing for the flying sit spin it is nearly straightened at the knee to be able to take the impact of the jump on a flexible knee and make the landing soft. After the landing the skater assumes the normal sit spin position and continues with a sit spin.

The flying sit spin is written by Karin Doherty, World and Olympic figure skating coach.