Salchow jump

26 Dec

The Salchow jump is taken-off from the backward inside edge, with one revolution (360°) and landed on the backward edge of the other foot. We are describing the Salchow jump taken off on the left foot.

After gathering speed by means of crossovers forward, right or left we make two or three consecutive forward outside curves on alternate feet along the long axis, not to deep. After skating we make a forward outside three turn taking the right arm forward, left backward immediately before the turn. Then the shoulders, arms and free leg continue in the rotation on the take-off curve for the Salchow jump. The free leg swings from the position backward through sideways into the position. During the swing the toe of the free foot is turned out. At the moment of the take-off for the Salchow jump from the skating leg , the arms, shoulders, hips and free leg are already turned in such a way, that a position similar to that at the take-off of a Waltz jump. The swing of the free leg for the Salchow jump is similar like the Waltz jump. On landing the Salchow jump, the landing leg bends well at the knee making the landing smooth and elastic. During the landing of the Salchow jump, arms are in a open position and check the rotation by maintaining a square position. The checking movement of the arms and shoulders should be soft and flowing. In order to ensure the right lean on the Salchow jump must be on the backwards outside edge.

Note: In the Salchow jump take-off the deviation of the take-off curve from the main direction is very strong, amounting to at least (90). If we also take into consideration the deviation of the landing curve, we come to be revolution of the upper part of the body of about one half revolution (180) Salchow jump is a jump with one revolution in the air.

The Salchow jump is written by Karin Doherty, World and Olympic figure skating coach.



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