Paul Bonifacio Parkinson

26 Dec

Paul Bonifacio Parkinson is the 2013 Italian men’s figure skating champion. Paul Bonifacio Parkinson has achieved in 2012 a 11th place at the Nebelhorn Trophy, 9th at the US Senior Intl in Salt Lake City and 6th at the Golden Spin in Zagreb.


Information on Paul Bonifacio Parkinson:

Date of birth:            16.02.1991

Place of birth:           Canada

Height:                        170 cm

Home town:               Ottawa, CAN

Coach:                          Becky Calvin, Tom Zakrajsek

Choreographer:        Jeffrey Buttle, Tom Dickson


Paul Bonifacio Parkinson  music selection for the season 2012/2013:


Short Program

Nothing Else Matters by Metallica


Free Skating

Adagio by Queen Symphony

Allegro Vivo by Queen Symphony

Andante Doloroso by Queen Symphony

Andante Sostenuto Queen Symphony


Wishing Paul Bonifacio Parkinson a successful 2012/2013 skating season.



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