Synchronized Skating

21 Dec

Synchronized Skating in figure skating, a wonderful expression on ice.

Synchronized skating involves a team of eight or more figure skaters, various elements and formations to music. Synchronized skating for competition consists of a short program and a free skating program. Some features are features which may become part of difficulty groups of element and steps sequences. Some features are required in synchronized skating in a short program, additional are optional in the free skate. For an Example: body movement, change of axis, change of configuration, change of rotational direction, pivoting, traveling etc.

For the synchronized skating the axis refers to the imaginary line(s) which divides the ice surface (long axis, short axis, diagonal axis, continuous axis). All elements in synchronized skating are divided into groups of difficulty based on the number of additional features included, a component that is part of a synchronized skating short program and/or free skate. Free skating elements are allowed in some levels of synchronized skating such as jumps, spins, lifts, the death spiral, pair pivots and vaults. Free skating elements are allowed such as, movements in isolation and pair element or as transitions and add variety/complexity to the synchronized skating program. To get credit for the free skate element(s) each element must be executed correctly.

Synchronized skating refers to the quality of skating, importance of unison, the accuracy of formations and preciseness  of the team, all incorporated into a program of a specified time limit.

The Synchronized skating article is written by Karin Doherty, World and Olympic figure skating coach.

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